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History of Chateau Neufays

The Chateau Neufays is situated in the Belgian Ardennes in the idyllic village Theux-Fays (that takes its origin from 1140 AD) near famous town Spa.
The stay in the Chateau offers you an unforgettable holiday in a castle ambience of a Style of Louis XIV , while enjoying the beauty of nature and the flavor of Belgian history.
The Château was initially owned by the Franquinet family at the end of the 18th century, then by the Simonis family, one of whose children, Ivan Simonis (1769-1829), became mayor of Verviers and gave his name to the textile firm S.A.Y. Simonis. Simonis has been making the world famous Billard cloth in their own factory in Verviers, Belgium since 1680.



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